Register & Post ziah dan

  • Step – 1 : Email leh Password in i in register phawt ang.  nangma email ah i password tur a rawn thleng nghal ang.
  • Step – 2 : Email i check ang a, i password i la chhuak ang.
  • Step – 4 : Log In box message a lo awm ang a, email ziahna tur a lo lang ang. (ie. Nangma email kha i type ang)
  • Step – 5 : Password ziahna tur a hnuaiah a awm leh a, tah chuan i email a password lo thleng kha i hmang ang. (Vawi khat login tawh chuan  i duh leh i thlak thei)
  • Step – 6 : Click here Log In

Post Ziah dan   ____________________________________

  • Step – 1 : Dashboard ah i lut ang.
  • Step – 2 : Dashboard hnuai a a veilam sir a sub menu ‘Post’ i click ang
  • Step – 3 : Add New tih a lo lang ang a, i click leh ang
  • Step – 4 : I thil post ziah na tur a lo lang ang a, i duh apiang i type thei ang.
  • Step – 5 : I type zawh ah a dinglam sir a  ‘Publish’ button i click leh ang.

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